garnetGarnet’s name is believed to derive from the Latin word granatum for pomegranate, the seeds resembling small pieces of red garnet. The Greeks called Garnet the “lamp stone,” which they believed helped people see in the dark. Garnets appear in many colors, and each with a different name; always associated with the color red, which symbolized blood (vitality such as strength, stimulation, success, fertility and warmth. Garnet occurs in different types of metamorphic and igneous rocks. The different varieties of garnets are manganese aluminum silicates with a hardness of 6.5 to 7.5, and they are:

Glossular garnet: It is characteristic of metamorphosed impure limestone or marble. Glossular garnet’s name derives from the Latin word for gooseberries. It is an earth stone. African green garnets are strong natural grounders. The other green garnet is Tsavorite. Glossular garnet helps balance cell growth and speed physical healing after physical trauma.

Spessartine garnet: It is an earth-fire stone. It got its name from Spessart, Germany; town in which it was first found; it is also found in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Madagascar, Sweden and the United States. Its color is that of a yellowish orange. They are powerful stones of attraction. They increase fertility (from getting pregnant to being inspired by a brilliant idea in any kind of creative endeavor). Spessartine garnet also helps in sexual reproduction matters. It stimulates the body and can help with weight loss. It is excellent for the endocrine system.

Rhodolite garnet: It is an earth stone. Rhodolite garnet is a variety of pyrope garnet of a rose red to pale violet color. Its name derives from two Greek words meaning “rose stone.” It is found in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Zambia, Brazil and the United States. Rhodolite garnet offers physical, emotional and spiritual support (emotional healing especially in the areas of guilt and shame). It is helpful in recovery from sexually related abuse. It is a great stone to use during pregnancy.

Almandine garnet: It is an earth stone. Its name derives from the city of Almandine in Asia Minor. It is found in Sri Lanka, India, Afghanistan, Brazil, Austria and the Czech Republic. It usually is orange-red to purplish red. Almandine garnet helps alleviate worry, panic, and fear. It also helps with recuperation after injury, as well as the health of the ovaries and testes.

Black andradite garnet: It is an earth stone. It was named after the Portuguese mineralogist d’Andrada. Also known as Melanite; word derived from the Greek word for “black.”It has been found in Mexico and Greenland. It is a stone of protection and power. It is an important stone for those recovering from addictions and who need protection from suicidal thoughts. It protects one’s immune system.

Uvarovite garnet: It is an earth stone. Uvarovite garnet is found in Russia, Finland, Poland, India and the United States. Because of its rich green color it is sometimes confused with emerald. It stimulates the healing of the heart emotionally and physically, and can be used as a healer after heart problems.

Garnet is the birthstone of the month of January.